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Regency Security Real Time Incident Reporting Software

January 8, 2019 (Posted 7 months ago) • Company News

Incident reporting in any service related industry is a key element of customer services. At Regency Security, we invested in the development of some custom software which delivers real-time instant notifications, directly from venues.

By having incident reporting software, it promotes a culture of learning by recording, investigating and analysing different incidents and trends, which can be by venue or a geographical area. This data allows informative decisions to be made such as; staffing levels, training and any new proactive measures which can be implemented.

Following an incident, the Head Door Supervisor of a venue will report the incident to the Regency Area Manager, who will enter this directly into the system. In real time, a notification is then cascaded down to key individuals within seconds of the reported incident. The recipients of the notifications can be a mixture of nominated individuals, at different levels of seniority, both with the client’s organisation and within our business.

Regency Security Real Time Incident Reporting Software

As detailed by the Home Office, there are several different types of incidents which are recorded:

  • Ejections
  • Arrests
  • Use of force
  • Accidents
  • Drugs/weapons/property seizures
  • Serious crimes
  • Visits by officials
  • Disputes or complaints
  • Suspicious behaviour
  • Any other emergencies

In addition to the different types of incidents, it is important to identify the requirements for completing the incident records. Recording fact only, as accurately as possible. Records need to show when and where it happened, what happened, how it happened, what someone saw, what someone was told, what they did, what the result was, details of any witnesses, evidence or description.

Regency Security

As soon as a client of Regency Security comes onboard, they are automatically enrolled in our incident reporting system. ‘Instant Notifications of Bluelights’ for venues, a standard feature for all our clients.

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