Regency Door Supervisors Stop ATM Cash Robbery Taking Place

Regency Door Supervisors Stop ATM Cash Robbery Taking Place

January 17, 2020 (Posted 6 months ago) • Company News,Door Supervision

A Welwyn Garden City woman has praised Regency Door Supervisors, David Archer and Brenden Delaney after they came to her aid when a man approached her and demanded she takes him to a cash ATM.

Sarah Hill, a mother-of-two, was leaving The Two Willows early in the morning on Sunday 12th January, when a man came up to her car and began demanding Sarah to take him to a cash ATM to withdraw a large amount of money.

According to the Welwyn and Hatfield Times, the 34-year-old said: “I approached my car and as I went to get in, I sensed someone was behind me – he then said ‘you’re gonna take me to the cash machine I need $500’. “He said 500 dollars initially then went on to just repeat 500, he didn’t speak with an American accent so I’m unsure why he said dollars. I stepped out of my car and said I’m not taking you anywhere and locked it so he couldn’t get in. The guy wasn’t taking no for an answer, the exchange got louder and louder and that’s when the bouncers realised I was in trouble.”

Sarah said she wanted to thank the doormen for coming to her rescue: “Sadly I think in their line of work they get a lot of bad press so it’s always nice to show your appreciation when deserved. “They could see he was bothering me and as soon as I told them what was happening, they pulled him away from my car and said we’ll stay with you till you leave. It was only when I got home it hit me that if it wasn’t for the bouncers it could have ended very differently.”

A spokeswoman for The Two Willows said: “Our door team are ever vigilant and acted swiftly to intervene when they spotted a male approach a female in a threatening manner as she sat in her vehicle outside our site. We are pleased we were able to step in and prevent the situation from escalating.”

Gary Powers, Managing Director of Regency Security said: We are extremely proud of David and Brenden for the actions that they both took on Sunday morning. Helping a member of public who is in trouble and the prevention of crime is a key part Door Supervisors work. It appears that both David and Brenden were extremely observant and intervened at the right time to stop a potentially terrible crime being carried out.”