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We’re on the Ball with Football Stadium Security

March 8, 2019 (Posted 3 years ago) • Event Security

At Regency Security, we understand the importance of stadium security to allow matches to run smoothly with a failsafe security procedure in place and at the same time provide a first-class professional customer service solution to the public.

Safety and security at football stadiums is a key component of any successful match or tournament and affects everyone attending or participating. It is widely acknowledged by the likes of FIFA, that safety and security can only be achieved by establishing a balance between anticipation (importance of being well prepared), good management and a well-designed infrastructure.

On a match day, the Regency Security team (which can be anything up to 80 security officers) will provide a professional, friendly and safe presence for the entire stadium.

Each game will start with a full briefing session which will include important health and safety matters. Following the briefing, the Regency team is deployed to various posts and set locations throughout the ground to carry out specific duties. These duties include patrolling the outer perimeter, managing turnstiles, carrying out bag searches, managing crowd control and safeguarding players, staff and supporters. The team also provides information to supporters and help navigate people from point A to point B, which is particularly important in getting people to their right seat or other areas of the stadium using the safest and quickest route.

Following the final whistle and when everyone has departed, a full debrief will take place, looking at any incidents or reports.


Regency Security is also proud to be a preferred partner of The Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA). The aim of this Association is to develop and improve all aspects of Stadium Safety. FSOA wants to make sure that everyone attending a football match has an enjoyable experience irrespective of the match result. At Regency Security our services go along way in helping to deliver these aims.

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