Coronavirus – Covid 19

Coronavirus – Covid 19

March 6, 2020 (Posted 5 months ago) • Company News

Coronavirus – Covid 19

Regency Security Services (UK) Ltd Guidance:

Regency Security Services (UK) Ltd is actively monitoring these fastmoving developments and will do whatever is necessary to protect all of our staff and clients. The virus is going to spread –in the UK and the potential for some disruption is enough to move us to work with a sense of urgency.

All personnel are asked to keep checking company social media and website pages for updates and communications as well as any whatsapp groups that are currently in use at a regional level.

There is no vaccine or magic bullet, however, all of us need to do the following to help combat the spread of the virus:

a. Communicate with managers and stay home if you are sick; regardless of whether you have symptoms matching the coronavirus or not. We are still in a robust flu season and many of the symptoms are the same – so stay home.
b. Managers need to back up this message and in a kind and professional way send employees home if they report being sick.
c. Practice coughing and sneezing hygiene, always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing and bin the tissue afterwards ensuring you wash your hands. (Catch it, Kill it, Bin It)
d. Hands should be washed regularly, always before eating, count to 20 seconds and wash hands all over. 20-seconds is much longer than one thinks.
e. Avoid shaking hands and cheek kissing, a fist pump or elbow touch is safer and appropriate at this time
f. Avoid sharing snacks from packets or bowls that others have dipped their fingers into.
g. Carry hand sanitiser in your purse or pockets and use it if you have it
h. Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes
i. People with underlying health issues are more susceptible and any staff with these issues should identify themselves to their line managers.
j. Company vehicle drivers are to ensure that they have a supply of disinfectant wipes in their company vehicles to use when necessary.
k. Masks are not an effective way of combating the virus so should not be used.
l. Be especially careful in busy airports and other public transport systems about touching things and then touching your face
m. Anyone who has recently returned from a holiday or trip where the virus is active is to ensure they inform their line manager

As a company will be taking the following action:

Increase stocks of hand sanitisers and tissues around office locations.

Provide wipes for keyboards (correct type for computer) and general wipes, and ensure employees regularly use them.

Update our people in relation to any communicated changes in public transport systems as soon as they are received and post this on the company website and social media pages. Whatsapp groups will also be used for communicating with all staff.

As it becomes necessary, the company will take further steps to address risk.

We will retain trust and keep interested in employees’ wellbeing. As an example, some of our staff may be asked to work from home, however, this will not be exclusive.

We hope and believe that this virus outbreak will be less than our fears, however, it is important we are all prepared.

If anyone has any questions, queries or concerns about any of the information contained herein, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kim Beasley
Business Director
Regency Security Group