Regency Security Charity Cup 2017

May 23, 2017 (Posted 5 years ago) • Uncategorized

On the 14th May Regency Security held their annual charity cup at Carrow Road, home to Norwich City FC.

This year we had 10 teams playing:

Regency Head Office
Regency North
Regency South
Regency Norwich
Norwich City FC Commercial Team
Movo Insurance
Impact Media
British Army Medical Corps 1
British Army Medical Corps 2
Norfolk Police Licensing

It was an incredible day and we were very fortunate to have the sun shining all day as it was forecast for rain. Every team played each other in a 25 min match which is a lot of football for those players that only play once a year. It’s not however, a lot of football for Norwich City Commercial’s player, Grant Holt! The ‘no ringers’ rule was clearly ignored here and Norwich City went on to win the tournament! Regency North and Regency South drew for second place. It was great to have Grant playing and supporting our event and was a fantastic surprise for the Norwich fans there. We raised several thousand pounds for Help for Heroes and the Community Sports Foundation which is Norwich City’s own charity.

We’ll be holding the event again next year and we already have interest from more teams. It’s a great team building day for all of our guys and we would like to thank everyone who made the effort to play and support.