Regency Security Patrols Several Essex Hospitals

May 29, 2019 (Posted 3 years ago) • Guarding & Keyholding

Regency provides security patrols at several hospitals within the MSB Group – Mid-Essex, Southend and Basildon Hospitals Group. Every day Regency Security guards will patrol A&E departments, ensuring the safety of staff and the public. In addition, security guards will operate a bed watch service for specific individuals when required.

Last October, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock stated the NHS will adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to violence against its staff.

The most recent NHS staff survey showed that more than 15% of NHS employees have experienced violence from patients, their relatives or the public in the last 12 months – the highest figure for 5 years.

Regency Guarding and Events can assist in the reduction of violence and staff abuse in hospitals. Adding a physical security presence will help reduce violence, both verbally and physically as most often a guard is seen as a deterrent. In addition, it also sends a message of protection for the staff, patients and families.

Regency Guarding patrols Several Essex Hospitals

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