Security is a Key Part of Your Event Safety Plan

May 28, 2019 (Posted 11 months ago) • Event Security

Regardless of the scale of your event, planning a safe event needs to be your priority! Keeping people safe is paramount and if you are organising an event, you will need a safety plan in place.

For those that set up and organise events and don’t have the correct procedures in place, there is a big chance that the event could be cancelled, resulting in lots of money being wasted and possibly many unhappy customers, all looking for refunds. You certainly don’t want to be reading these headlines:

“Event cancelled due to health and safety concerns”

“Dance music festival cancelled over ‘insufficient’ safety plans”.

“Insurance company cancel event through lack of organisers response”

Regency Guarding and Events provide highly trained, fully SIA licensed event officers for many events throughout the UK. We cannot stress enough about the importance of security at events, however big or small.

We have expertise in helping organisers with the pre-event security planning, which will form part of the safety plan. Sometimes we will attend multiple planning meetings depending on the scale or complexity. With a well-documented and tested plan, you will mitigate the risk of injury to guests, damage to property and PR repercussions.

It’s through the planning meetings that will determine the number of security staff required at the event. This is determined by several different variables including the number of attendees, VIP guests, the demographics of attendees, the location and if alcohol is being served. After the event we will also conduct a debrief to review the event and successes and any areas to improve upon.

Follow this link to view key information from the Health and Safety Executive which covers what you need in place to respond effectively to health and safety incidents and other emergencies that might occur at an event.

Regency is one of the Industry’s most trusted providers with an outstanding operations team who are on hand to provide dedicated account management to ensure the smooth running of all events.

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