The Cambridge Union Thanks Regency Security

May 9, 2019 (Posted 3 months ago) • Company News,Event Security

You may have read our previous article earlier this month when Regency Security provided an increased security presence at The Cambridge Union following the visit of Andrew Wheeler, head of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The Bursar of the Cambridge Union wanted to pass on his thanks to the team who handled the security extremely well.

A great effort. Please pass on my thanks to them all for a job very well done!       

“I just wanted to thank you for providing our security last night. Your people led by Ryan were superb! Ryan was extremely competent and read the situation well. He deployed his team in a flexible and efficient manner.”

“We had 5 members who demonstrated in the Chamber itself and under Ryan’s leadership they were quietly approached and gently led out of the Chamber. Later, when the Extinction Rebellion blocked the exit of the car park and we couldn’t move the speaker away from the Union. It was suggested that we used your people to move the crowd away from the car park entrance. I discussed the situation with Ryan and said that he could try and talk to them, but could not touch any demonstrator as we were on public land where we had no primacy. Ryan led his team out to confront the demonstrators in a professional non violent manner. It was a tricky situation, but after an hour we finally got the speakers cars and the speaker himself out. Perhaps the best accolade from how good and sensitive to people’s rights your security personnel were, came from the demonstrators themselves as they actually cheered your security team, when the cars left!”


Best Regards
Colonel (Retd) W A Bailey MBE BSc (Eng) MInstRE FCMI

Regency Security Team