Regency Guards Britain’s Largest Aviation Museum

Regency Security Guards Britain’s Largest Aviation Museum

June 25, 2019 (Posted 2 years ago) • Guarding & Keyholding

Regency Security has the honour of keeping secure nearly 200 aircraft, military vehicles, artillery and minor naval vessels in seven main exhibition buildings at Britain’s Largest Aviation Museum, The Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

The site also provides storage space for the museum’s other collections of material such as film, photographs, documents, books and artefacts. The site accommodates several British Army regimental museums, including those of the Parachute Regiment (named Airborne Assault) and the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Regency Guards Britain’s Largest Aviation Museum

Regency also provides security for the major air shows which are held regularly including the Duxford Air Show, the Flying Legends show (organised by The Fighter Collection), and American Air Day, which is held in conjunction with units of the Third Air Force (part of the United States Air Forces in Europe), based at nearby RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall.

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Whether you are looking to minimise the risks of theft or criminal activity, static guarding is a cost effective way to protect your premises 24hrs a day. This is achieved through a combination of constant vigilance from our guards, regular patrols of the property, as well as their presence acting as a deterrent.

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