Aaron Connor

Regency Security supports DS Aaron Connor as he prepares for Fight Night 3

July 31, 2019 (Posted 2 years ago) • Company News

Regency Security is very proud to be supporting Aaron Conor, a Door Supervisor from Peterborough, as he progresses into the world of boxing.

Aaron has worked for Regency Security for over four years across different venues in Cambridgeshire including Edwards the multiroom venue in Peterborough (Flares & Red Room).

It was after Aaron took part in a charity Ultra White Collar Boxing event he wanted to explore boxing further. This year he is competing in the Y5ive Promotions, Fight Night 3 on September 7th in Peterborough and at another event later in the year – Combat Sports League in Woking.

Aaron said “I’m fighting in the heavyweight division which is exciting, as you don’t know what could happen and I want to make a name for myself in the semi-pro rankings. I’ve been fighting for years doing kickboxing and boxing when I was a teenager. I am now at the point of wanting competition and excitement. I really appreciate all of the support Regency Security has given me.”

Y5ive Promotions raises money for a Peterborough charity called ‘Children of Adam’ who do some amazing things including working with the homeless by facilitating in handing out food, clothes and sleeping bags. To date they have facilitated in handing out over 30,000 food parcels. You can find out more about the charity at https://childrenofadam.net/

Let’s wish Aaron all the best for his future fights. #Regencyproud

Aaron Connor
Aaron Connor