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Close Protection

Regency Security Close Protection deliver a professional and discreet style of close protection through dedicated security personnel.

Regency will provide you with a highly professional and experienced protection team. All of our CP Operatives are trained to the highest level in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and diplomacy. Most CP Operatives come from an ex-military or police background and all are widely experienced in the field of Close Protection. From Personal Protection coverage to property and valuable asset protection, Celebrity through to Risk management and reconnaissance.

Regency were proud to offer Close Protection services to Bill Gates on his visit to Cambridge.

  • Full threat analysis.
  • Close Protection SIA Licensed.
  • The highest level of CP Officers training.
  • Strict vetting and Screening in compliance with BS7858.
  • Selection based on the individual needs of the client.
  • Confidentiality assured with low-profile discreet service.
  • High-profile prominent service depending on the risk perceived.

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