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On Friday 15th June, Christian Silamiantsimou, a Regency Security Door Supervisor went above and beyond his duty and saved a man from drowning in the Thames.

Christian was working at ‘The Tattershall Castle’ on London’s Victoria Embankment, when he found himself in a slightly different situation to the norm. Seeing someone in the Thames, drowning will certainly get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. Keeping calm and focused, Christian deployed a life buoyancy aid to assist the man in the water, which ended in his safe return to dry land.

The Tattershall Castle is a Stonegate Pubs venue and on social media they named Christian a #stonegatehero. The General Manager of the venue said “No one asked him to do, he just did it! Thank you Christian from the team!”

Many other comments were posted on social media, including one from Chloe Kanaka who said, “Well done. Pure bravery!” and Caz Dave said, “Because of you a loving family and a lot of friends celebrate tonight for the right reasons, well done to you sir.”

Door supervisors are responsible for the safety and security of customers and staff in venues. They need to have some good traits including excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Having polite and a courteous manner. A good level of physical fitness and being decisive and quick-thinking. I think Christian certainly ticks all these boxes. Well done Christian from all the Regency Security team.